miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

Babies With Ipad

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Generation iPad: Could Device Hurt Toddlers' Development?

We've all seen concentrated look adopting a little boy catching an iPad or an iPhone. They appear calm and engrossed with the apparatus.

currently have the problem that our children do not know to use a ipad, parents are concerned about the information not suitable for children, and have no time to meet the care needs of children.

But some people say
"For infants and toddlers, the technology experience is active. We recommend interactions between parents and children so that they can explore, play and learn, "said Tony Favorite, product manager for Fisher-Price.

Sarah Evans, consultant and collaborator Tracky site, seems to agree. "With the device interact like reading a book. We are touching things, talking about them. React together, anything other than the lonely experience of watching TV, "he said.

While the exposure of children to technology has changed, they are still children and continue to interact in the same way as always. Some of the best technology for children derived from traditional toys and games, "said Favorite. "Children want to use technology as social and share your experience with others, an example that breaks the myth that isolates technology," he added.

The popular phrase says that children are born with a silver spoon in my arm, but I think that today are born directly with a tablet. If you have children, cousins ​​or nephews of young children, give them a mobile or tablet and see how loosely the handle, as if they had a lifetime!

                    In our day we see children under 5 years of age learn to use ipad some with very many easily.

So it is not surprising that many developers have launched the creation of child-specific apps. They come in all types, but I will focus on educational apps, those with which children can learn while playing all kinds of concepts: math, spelling, language, etc.. and here an example of a prototype suitable apps for children under 5 years.

Is hard to believe how technology consumes us ,but we have to take the maximum
I saw this app that apparently is enough to help babies to develop intellectually and be entertained at the same time. it seems like kids are getting tech savvy at younger and younger ages these days! Babies can now swipe through the iPad, choose their favorite apps, and know how to exit them when they're's just amazing! By setting reasonable limits on screen time, and choosing educational and creativity building apps, you can make the most of your baby or toddlers technology time. Here are some of my favorite apps for babies and toddlers.

Baby Finger
Funny Animals
Play Phone
and here an example of a prototype suitable apps for Babies, linking educational videos that you want your child to learn but without assistance of parents helps the baby uses it so easy and safe educational videos.